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Highway Child was founded back in ’05 and already they have build up a huge collection of original compositions. Using a formula combining classic rock and rhythm ‘n’ blues they build a reputation as one of Denmark’s best live acts!

From the beginning the band’s philosophy has been a raw, swinging and rattling rhythm group with a strong vocal in front, all appearing vigorous and real. Live, Highway Child is a massive discharge of energy focused on the unpredictable and spontaneous; still they maintain the full attention of the audience!

The debut album released in 2008 consisted of 11 uncompromising rock ‘n’ roll tunes with mind blowing intensity from start till end. On the new album Highway Child seem to have skipped the often quite uncertain or self repeating second album and gone straight to the more confident and innovative third. It is clear already from the opening song that new nuances and references have inspired Highway Child in both their song writing and expression. The song writing has become more tuneful and the expression and the production are more psychedelic than the debut. The band’s preference to the 60’s way of producing shines through and especially the title song “Sanctuary come”, shows that Highway Child have gone through a colossal development in a very short time from “On the old kings road” to “Sanctuary come”.

During the last three years Highway Child has played around 100 concerts and their high-energy live show have gotten the band a deal with renowed booking-agency Gearbox as well as a deal with German label Elektrohasch.

Highway Child has played Roskilde Festival and has shared stages with many great names like Graveyard, Witchcraft, Cherry Overdrive, Fuzz Manta and many more.

2009 sees the band playing major festivals in Germany, namely Burg Herzberg Festival and Stoned From The Underground.

08/2011 - HIGHWAY CHILD dissolve with immediate effect due to internal problems. All future concerts are canceled.

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