• Albums I've Listened to This Week

    11. Dez. 2006, 18:49 von cooperaa

    I've thrown together a playlist on my iPod of several albums that I want to listen to. While at work this week, I am going to listen through the playlist on random album mode and see what comes up. Here's the log:

    Christmas Eve and Other Stories: Ugh, I can't say I'm in the mood for Christmas music yet... it's sort of rainy. This would've been good a few days ago when we had a nice layer of snow everywhere.

    Mezmerize: A pretty fun album. Feels like it's been since summer since I've heard some System.

    The Whore's Trophy: Skipped a bunch of these and pretty mediocre :P Should probably remove this from the playlist so I don't get stuck listening to it again.

    The Archaic Abattoir: This one just flew by! All of a sudden it was over. I do remember Blood Fixing The Bled and The Gangrenous Epitaph. Good stuff.

    High Society: I had high hopes for this, but it turned out to be pretty boring and I ended up skipping several tracks. Snore.