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Hey is undoubtedly one of the most important Polish rock bands. Since 1992, their outstanding songs with intensely moving and deeply sincere lyrics by Katarzyna Nosowska have won the hearts of audience. Hey’s first studio album Fire, released in 1993, continues to be one of central albums in the cannon of Polish rock musicHey’s later releases include Ho (1994), Heledore (EP, 1995), and ? (1995), considered to be the band’s best album by many fans. The next records, Karma (1997) and Hey (1999), were followed by changes in Hey’s line-up. Hey’s co-founder and leader Piotr Banach left the band and was soon replaced by guitarist Pawe³ Krawczyk (formerly of the bands Ahimsa and Houk). Krawczyk managed to successfully merge into the band’s style, which was proved by Hey’s next release (2001). Not only did the album feature great songs, but it also brought Hey back into the limelight and into charts, marking a renaissance of the band’s popularity. The concert tour of Poland organized to celebrate 10 years of the band’s existence was crowned with a double album (2003). Later this year, Hey’s next studio album music music was released, featuring somewhat experimental songs filled with electronic sounds. Although many people claimed that the band had strayed too far from their roots, huge audiences drawn to the tour promoting the album proved that the musicians’ new ideas were not only generally accepted, but also fully appreciated. Hey’s next studio album Echosystem (2006) was decidedly more melodic and full of guitar sounds. A few months after its premiere, Hey released a DVD Echosystem containing a quasi-documentary about the band’s work on the album. In September 2007, Hey recorded an MTV Unplugged performance at the Warsaw Roma music theatre. Brand new arrangements, special guests, and expanded instrumental line-up made familiar songs sound fresh and riveting. The concert released on CD and DVD became one of the best-sellers of the year 2007. Soon after, the band went on another jubilee tour 92-07 to celebrate their 15th birthday.
Hey released eight studio and three live albums so far. From all the awards won by the band, the musicians value most the one received at the Przystanek Woodstock for the best concert of the 2004 edition of the festival. The choice to award Hey was made by the audience themselves. It is also worth mentioning that Hey and its singer Katarzyna are the most often nominated artists in the history of the Polish music awards Fryderyki. Hey MTV Unplugged won three 2007 Fryderyk awards in the categories for Best Rock/Metal Album, Best Album Design, and Best Music Production, while Katarzyna Nosowska was presented with the awards for Best Female Vocalist and Best Author. The unplugged album was also awarded by listeners to the Radio Eska Rock, who decided that it was the best Polish rock album of the year 2007. Hey is going back on tour in autumn to give concerts in Poland and Great Britain.

Katarzyna Nosowska – vocal
Marcin Zabielowicz – guitar
Jacek Chrznowski – bass
Robert Ligiewicz – drums
Pawel Krawczyk – guitar

Information on the band and upcoming concerts is available at:

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