• The term 'J-'

    12. Apr. 2009, 23:57 von Antaeus

    The term ‘J-‘.

    In the Music scene there has been an increase usage of the term ‘J-‘. Especially in rock music, but also other genres. There are labels such as ‘j-electronica’, ‘j-darkwave’ or ‘j-pop’. Even in other genres than music they use the term ‘J-‘. For example, in gaming there is a clear separation between Japanese games and Western games. In the role playing genre we even speak of ‘J-RPG’ and Western Rpg. The question is, is this separation between Japanese music and Western music really necessary?

    In the case of Rock music I believe it isn’t necessary to make a separation between Japanese music and non-Japanese music. There are really plenty of Japanese rock bands who basically copy the western genres and fused their own visual ‘idea’ of a rock band. This started with bands such as X-Japan or BUCK-TICK who are highly influenced by Western Heavy Metal. They added their own visual interpretation by cross-dressing and the ‘protocol’ visual kei image. …