• Christmas & New Year 2009/2010.

    28. Okt. 2009, 21:27 von vjsupersaint

    OK so first of all I'm just checking. To see if you're all alive & well out there.

    Are you knackered with just 10 days to go until Christmas?

    OK well those of you that have also joined us in Unsigned Christmas. Will know that we now have 17 very fine tracks there to listen to until January .

    But for those of us here in The UK. This is the one we want to chart. this coming Sunday. Here is my unilaterally copied message to everyone.

    OK well everyone seems to be backing something or someone. For a real XFactor alternative UK Christmas #1 this year. So here's my tip Please follow the link. And then click on the top line. That will take you through to ITunes where you can buy this. http://www.cliffmas.co.uk/ OK so it's a pop song. But at least it's real. By real people. Those being Detox Cute And The Beauty Junkies from Brighton. And it's an original composition by the pair of Popsters themselves. And not some rip-off song that has already been flogged to death. By the so-called popular radio stations. …
  • October Musicfest [Section 2] UK.

    2. Okt. 2009, 6:57 von vjsupersaint

    Right well here's the UK section of great music that you may never even have heard of from group. 'Unsigned UK' But first of all I need to add an amendment to the Europe section.

    Sussilo Or DJ Sussilo as she now is. Has a show that is broadcast from warm web radio. And it is on from 2200-2300 on Fridays and 2100-2300 on Saturdays. These timings are of course CET. So British and Portuguese listeners will need to take it as an hour earlier. Worldwide listeners will have to check their clocks. I believe these are temporary timings until the station is up and running fully. So you'll need to check back regularly on that. And also we all know that Susanne is an avid supporter of unsigned artists. So once the station is fully underway. Let's plague her station manager. And tell them what she really loves to play on the radio. I can highly reccommend the show as it stands though for all listeners of pure rock and it is called Facelift.. …
  • Fantastic music that needs to be looked at by the criminally short-sighted music…

    3. Aug. 2009, 18:28 von vjsupersaint

    OK then, well I think it's high time that someone stood up and shouted nice and loud about these unsigned artists. Because while most people are supporting the rich and the famous in music. There are still an awful lot of artists here on last.fm. That are being overlooked by listeners as well as the music industry. And it's not like they even deserve this treatment. Unsigned music is a genre in itself. That crosses a number of many genres, with appeal for listeners of all ages. Many of these artists also give away a lot of their music. Or at the very least make it available as a full preview stream. So once you've listened and found that the unsigned. Are not quite the leper's colony you thought they were. Then at at least you know what you like. When they make a buyable CD or digital download. This in turn keeps their music alive. And keeps us as avid listeners very happy.

    OK so here's a few of those great artists that I've been eluding to here