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Dr. iLL & Grindhouse Gang (Dr. iLL, Mark Deez & Powder) on iLL-Legit Records present the Militia of Emcees, the illest compilation of the South Carolina/Georgia underground camp, associates, and beyond. Grindhouse Gang members and GHG affiliate Lord Lhus appear on the majority of the tracks along w/ fellow fam from SC (artists from groups Wyze Mindz, Savage Brothers, Psycotiks, Planet X) and collaborators from across the globe such as King Syze, Reef the Lost Cauze (AOTP), Kevlaar 7 (WiseMen), Dirtbag Dan, Words & Rhymes (Canada), and more, along with a massive milita posse track as the grand finale. The tight circle of production involved in this project includes our fam Snowgoons (Goon Musick), White Shadow (Uncut Productions), Domingo, GHG in-house producers Powder & Dr. iLL, Keko of Not-Able Soundz, & Pen Pointz (Wuf-Tix). Originally promoted in its early stages as a Dr. iLL & Lord Lhus compilation project, as it developed, the entire group Grindhouse Gang heavily contributed. With Dr. iLL's quality mixing skills & access to iLL-Legit Records studios, Mark Deez' networking skills, Powder's major contribution in production, and the lyrical vigor and hunger of this young group, this project is sure to provide a variety of top-grade original underground hip-hop at its finest. More albums coming soon on iLL-Legit Records by Grindhouse Gang, Lord Lhus, Dr. iLL, Avarice & more… the South East's source of raw underground hip-hop.

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