• Dissing my top 25

    15. Nov. 2009, 3:54 von DefaultXR

    1. Autechre
    Two nerdy white boys from England making non-rhythmic instrumental "music" on extremely complex and expensive equipment, then they have the gall to mention hip-hop in an interview. Yeah, you're so totally hip-hop.

    Another thing: Quaristice sucks. It used to be that your music was confusing because it was so abstract and otherworldly. Quaristice is confusing because I can't tell whether I loathe it or love it.

    It's totally obvious that you're using Machinedrums exclusively now, by the way. Please go back to your old way of making music--EXPERIMENTING! If your next album is another Quaristice-type affair, then you're pretty much dead to me. Just being honest.

    2. Download
    No matter how hard they try, they're never going to make anything as good as The Eyes of Stanley Pain ever again. But with FiXeR it seems like they're trying to, and so they're probably never going to make anything as good as III ever again either.

    3. Skinny Puppy
  • masterpiece again!

    27. Jan. 2008, 22:44 von germanius

    Незабываемые и неповоторимые Gridlock вновь сумели превзойти все ожидания.
    Их музыка от альбома к альбому, становится мягче, но от этого ничуть не глупее и не проще, а напротив, будто приближается к истине.
    Тяжелый и вопиющий Trace 2001 года, наиболее органично и целостно смог объединить idm и industrial при помощи ambient.

    Никогда еще электронная музыка не была настолько проницательной и интеллектуальной. Безоговорочно вскроет любого, доберется до самых далеких и глубоких участков внутреннего мира и вывернет их наизнанку на обозрение самому себе.
    Мне бы хотелось, чтобы каждый прослушал эти альбомы. Быть может, тогда этот мир станет немного лучше и люди чаще будут задумываться над своими поступками.

    Новый Formless 2003 года вновь позволяет нам парить над безграничными абстрактными ландшафтами, увидеть мир своих чувств, мир чувств других людей, а главное - каждому прийти к своей собственной истине.

  • альбомы, которые произвели неизгладимое впечатление (idm, glitch, ee, microwave)

    27. Jan. 2008, 15:14 von germanius

    Aphex Twin (2001) Drukqs
    Beefcake (2001) Drei
    Beefcake (2000) Coincidentia Oppositorum
    Gridlock (2001) Trace
    Gridlock (2003) Formless
    Bola (2004) Gnayse
    Pan Sonic (2001) Aaltopiiri
    Pan Sonic / Charlemange Palestine Mort Aux Vaches
    Architect (2004) I Went Out Shopping to Get Some Noise
    Autechre (1994) Amber
    Plaid (2003) Spokes
    Unit (1999) The Narcoleptic Symphony
    Somatic Responses (2000) augmented lines
    Venetian Snares (2005) Rossz Csillag Alatt Szueletett
    Speedy J (2000) A Shocking Hobby

    Также достойными внимания я считаю творчество следующих исполнеителей:

    Bad Sector
    Boards of Canada
    The Future Sound of London
  • Music '07

    30. Dez. 2007, 21:14 von Retrovertigo

    Moving to London was one of the best things I could have done as far as seeing live music goes. Then again I've probably made some bad choices as far as what to see, but I don't really care that much. It's been a good year, as far as my poor and inconsistent taste goes.

    My albums of '07

    El-P - I'll Sleep When You're Dead
    My favourite this year. No contest. Made me an El-P fan and opened up new possibilities. No, seriously.

    Jesu - Pale Sketches
    I would have mentioned Conqueror but I haven't listened to enough of it yet. Limited release album to be sure, but it's a lot more varied than his usual releases. I do like it.

    Burial - Untrue
    Had to include this, as there's no more fitting soundtrack to wandering around London in the middle of the night after a good show.

    DIR EN GREY - The Marrow Of A Bone
    More cheesy Japanese nu-metal? To be sure, and they are getting better at it.

    Nine Inch Nails - Year Zero
    Yeah I played the ARG. I found one of the wreckage plot points so ner. I liked the album too.
  • A bunch of great albums

    17. Aug. 2007, 22:33 von square_m

  • Music '06

    31. Dez. 2006, 4:21 von Retrovertigo

    My charts have been a bit quiet as of late, so here's my annual list of music I was caught listening to.

    The usual disclaimer: this is not necessarily a list of what was actually best - or any good, for that matter - but it's what I enjoyed (or failed to). My sense of taste ought not to be trusted as being authorative, but bugger it, I enjoyed this stuff. Likewise, me inadvertantly slagging off or disregarding another artist in this all-too-long post should not be seen as an out and out condemnation. My opinion is, once again, not to be trusted.

    Before we start: I know the formatting sucks. Someone needs to get their arse into gear fixing all the pseudo-BBcode bugs.

    Albums of (my) year

    Germlin - Youth Pixxel
    My God. I've never heard video game music treated so badly and so brilliantly.

    DJ Sharpnel & V/A - Brain Violation
    Nominated for the reworking of Blue Noah and that Negima song. It's the fiiiinal countdowwwwn *doofdoofdoof*

    In Distance