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Grey Season is a progressive metal band from Cologne, Germany which current line-up formed in the fall of 2008.
The term ‚progressive‘ in this case is not bound to virtuosity or complexity of riffs and solos, but rather to experimental rhythms, deep tuned guitars and a melting pot of many diverse musical genres, including the early rock of the seventies, industrial sounds, blues and everything that may seem outlandish at the first glance. With metal always being the starting point, these different influences are combined to something new, maybe something unusual, but without a doubt something very special.

The lyrical concept behind the music of Grey Season is about the decay of mankind due to hedonism, religion, media, greed and whatever controls and exploits us. There is no preaching, no telling you what is right or wrong, but instead, society and the individual is reflected as it is. And that is a pretty ugly reflection. In the early years of the band existing, the group had to struggle with several line-up changes. It took years to form a strong inner core of individuals that work perfectly together as a group of both, friends and musicians.
The album was recorded in Duesseldorf at the university for applied science, by a friend of the band. It took about 5 months to record and mix it, plus another more three months of final production, being mastering and pressing. The result is a debut that is unusual and different from regular metal releases, mostly by virtue to the fact that the songs were written over a period of time of three to four years. With no pressure at all, young people tend to experiment, push limits and go further than others and this is exactly what the band did musically on their debut, but without ever losing track. The essence of what the band is about can be experienced best at a live show. It does not matter if it is a festival, an opening or headliner show, it is always a fest of joy and musical ecstasy.
In 2015 the band released their second album "Invida" under Noizgate Records. The band recorded and produced the album on their own.
In 2016 the band split up with Bodo Strauß and Pascal Horn and Laura Einhorn joined the band in 2017 as new bassist!

Records: 2013 Septem
2015 Invidia

Links: http://www.grey-season.de

Band Line Up

Vocals: Blazej Lominski
Guitar: Roman Gatzka
Bass: Laura Einhorn
Drums: Jan Schweigler

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