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green wave

Within the framework of the SAAR_ROCK_HISTORY-exhibition 2011 green wave were pre-sented a whole year long in the museum beside the castle in Saarbrücken: since 1975 they are a permanently creative part of the rock history in Saarland and so they surely deserved be-ing presented in this rock gallery; but –“…(of course) life takes place somewhere else…” – not in the museums, but in the rehearsal rooms, on stages and in recording studios.
No , even 40 years later- green wave still don´t play no „champagneblues“;
No, still they don´t ask their public: “Do you feel alright???”
Today, as in 1975 – they still pretend to be “the last rockband before the border“
…which border? Many answers seem possible; everybody may find his(her) own one….

Yes, - it is true, they don´t enter the stage that often anymore like in the early days. In the last years they spent more time recording in their own studio and presented 2009 with “…we used to cut the green grass…/…the war is over…” LEICO 8725 a powerful double-CD, which is ,as well as their first CD from 2000”the inner garden“, LEICO 8548, part of their concept story :“…green days on a planet blue…“, (story at www.green-wave-live.jimdo.com or http://green-wave48.blogspot.de)

2011 Tino Francus produced their second video „let´s make up & be friendly“
Infos ,videos and music at www.green-wave-live.jimdo.com or www.reverbnation.com/greenwave
At the time they´re busy in the studio working out new song material for the new CD „ 12 sto-len dreams in a nearby lost&found“, planned to be released in summer 2015

Their 2009 double-CD(mp3s at iTunes, Amazon, Napster a.s.o) has earned some good crtitics in Germany, Canada and USA
http://www.regioactive.de/artistnews/9128/doppel_cd_rezension_in_der_saarbruecker_zeitung_04062009.html (Saarbrücken, Germany)
http://www.krautrockseite.de/news_cd.htm (Hamburg, Germany)
Seite 57(CD-Rezensionen) (Lüneburg, Germany)
http://www.progarchives.com/artist.asp?id=5548#reviews (Montreal, Canada)
http://psychedeliccentral.com/cdalbumreviews/greenwave.html (Chowchilla, California, USA)

line-up 2015: Sven Gross (keyboards, voc.), Daniel Minnerath (guitars), Deddé Schäfer (bass, voc.), Rainer Wahlmann (vox, harp, perc); Manuel Schwierczek (drums)
guest musicians(sometimes): Christoph Waltner (git.);Stefan Richter (keys)

Altstadtfest Saarbrücken 2015 was the last gig green wave played live on stage. The band split definetly in 2017.

In 2019 so to say "posthum" they´re gonna release their definite last CD "stolen dreams in a nearby lost & found"

Thanx and goodbye to all our friends!

booking: Rainer Wahlmann: greenie48@live.de tel.: 0049160/4310251 od. 0049681/66182

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