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Listening to a music of Ghost Rider (Vlad Krivoshein) feels like being sucked into a huge
particle accelerator

where elements from the worlds of Progressive Trance and Psytrance collide. Emitting
high amounts of energy, they merge into something new, an enigmatic reaction that
opens wormholes all over the dancefloor. It's this innovative fusion of deeply hypnotic
atmospheres and light, uplifting grooves that make Ghost Rider

an instant success when his first EP is released on lboga Rec in 2012.

Only one year later the Israel-based Russian is invited to perform his highly demanded
debut album ‘Complextro’ live at major festivals all around the world. Ever since he hasn’t
stopped touring.

His performances encompass a most acclaimed dance parties of the world’s , including A
State Of Trance (ASOT) Netherlands , Universo Paralello Brazil , XXXPERIENCE Brazil ,
Airbeat One Germany and many more . Vlad started producing music at the young age of
14, a factor that explains his outstanding technical precision. Seen in front of this
background, it's actually not a big surprise that Ghost Rider is also one half of Class A,
project he makes in collaboration with Ranji.

He has collaborate with different artists such as Neelix , Morten Granau , Phaxe and more
. His tracks were released in labels like lboga Rec, 432 Records, Blue Tunes , Spin Twist
and Dreamstate. He get support from Armin Van Buuren , Vini Vici and more biggest
artists who play and keep playing Ghost Rider music

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