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    26. Jun. 2007, 6:31 von zackgress

    Journal... I've been busy.
    "Please do not confront me with my failures, I have not forgotten them" - These Days

    ohhhh Nico. you're such a pussy. and i mean that not in the gender-identifying sense- I mean that in the emotional sense! Stop being so emotional its getting in the way of good journal entries...

    youtube will save this:

    More specifically- George Duke

    what a performer. if you can't handle that weird musical-interlude/space segment that's fine, just make sure you watch where he begins to sing.

    "'Cause she looked fine- you know"


    i felt so moved by this piece that I decided to put it on my facebook.


    and on an unrelated note... I'm currently compiling a list of "perfect" songs in the major-key, harmonious melodic sense. Very much in a Greg Storch state of mind.

    I'll release the list when I feel it's done... but I'll give you hint... …