• Swiss Family Robinson: SwissCast 009

    10. Mär. 2011, 16:54 von safe-as-milk

    After a month of listening to Christmas carols remixed vol.3, Swiss Family Robinson have landed their new infant - 009, what better way to start Febuary. There's a whole heap of heavy hitters who've filtered their way on to this months podcast. Epic opening from our main man 'Duffstep' who mixes up steppa and garage with a bit of corriander. Moves into some strictly garage vibes that are more solid than King Kong's shits. Sines makes a masterpeice of Hyetal's new release which flirts with Buck UK's boombastic bass, new man on the scene...and reppin! Jack Dixon's new E.P. will blow you out the bath with some killer sounds refixed by Cairo. Back to back sounds from Versa who is turning concrete into chaos in Milton Keynes. Tune of the year by DJ Rum with the freshest sound yet. Sit back and no doubt your legs will be bubbling more than ompaloompas on meow dancing to Willy WOMPA!

    Duffstep- Know You

    Pledge - [track artist=Pledge]Unknown (Milez Remix)