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Gator bait is a hardcore straight edge youth crew revival band from Tampa, FL. The band made their debut at the annual Significant Records Festival in Clearwater, FL in November 2006, playing a special set of covers, a handful of which featured Porcell on vocals. The band has had a small handful of member changes. Members throughout the bands existence (Porcell included) have also or are currently in the following bands : Youth of Today, Judge, Project X, Young Republicans. Violent Children, Bold, Shelter, Never Surrender, Last Of The Famous, Mosh Potatoes, Trample, Make or Break, Now Soldiers, Take These Eyes, Sunshine State Slaughter, Code Of Arms, Mothership Music, The Jump Ropes, Big Rats, Colostomy, No Harm Done, Can’t Stand It, Evasion, and many others. The bands line-up has also accommodated an age rage of 15 to 500, yes, Old Tom is 500 years old.

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