• "I Wear My Sunglasses @ Night"

    31. Jan. 2009, 8:28 von FirstAve

    By far the best Throwback so far was the G-Eazy night. My favorite songs were Nobody, and Cold Fever. All the songs he did were off the Fresh EP except the Dexter's Lab and the Cold Fever. Here is some video from the show. There were so many people there and they had 'G-Eazy shots' at the bar. Other cool Throwback was Video Killed the Radio Star one. There was VJ's playing vids on a bunch of different TVs. One of the tightest shows of the semester was The Faint. They had sweet flashing tubes that went to the beat and a black and white projector goin over their faces and the back curtain.

    However, the most memorable indie show at Republic was Man Man. There were so live and they played Republic right before they started getting good spots at festivals like Voodoo Fest. Man Man is a 5 person band, where each typically plays a couple different instruments. My favorite songs are: black mission goggles, banana ghost, van helsing boombox, and especially Engrish Bwudd.

    Anyway here is the G-Eazy video from the show...