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This 12” picks up where Furesshu’s digital releases at a dubstep tempo on Echodub left off but also pushes into the deep, Berlin inspired techno sound that he is presently concentrating on.
1993 sounds fast for its mid 130s tempo, the bass drives the track’s pace and the delay affected stabs provide just enough melody. Horizons feels slower, you could perhaps describe it as a half step track although it twists up the formula for that sub genre. The bass evolves and changes throughout the track, rising and falling, coupled with drones and drums punctuating the track rather than providing a constant element. Untitled marks a change in Furesshu’s sound. 4/4 deep techno; 11 minutes of gradual, constant evolution in the melodic parts of the track but the driving, perfectly toned kick drum and hi hats holding the groove in place.
Mastered by CGB at Dubplates and Mastering, Berlin, Germany.

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