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fragment king's WAR ON SILENCE online compilation was released in 2010 on COCK ROCK DISCO. the songs featured on the compilation cover a span of 10 years: sensory division and self-sabotage is the original title of a piece by power-noise act NTT. the fk version includes the synth/string part that fk contributed to the NTT song plus the beats as originally conceived and written for the ANATOMIC sessions that fk recorded in 2004. this is an unreleased and remastered version and was created almost exclusively digitally. a very archaic version was included in the unreleased original ANATOMIC demo.

mobilize was written in 2007 as a new song for fk's performance at elektroanschlag and at the same time became the first song of the ANGEL POSITION sessions, which were supposed to eventually become the tracks for the successor to fk's GREY ALBUM. it employs digital beats, bass guitar (an ibanez roadstar II) in different settings, and vocals (i use a shure mic). this is the version recorded for the ANGEL POSITION demo (ANGEL ZERO), it has since been further worked on for the MINUS version appearing on fk's myspace page, as well as in an album version for the currently unreleased ANGEL POSITION album. there is a video of mobilize on the nexialist youtube page. the squealing of the pigs comes from the same session as the version of mobilize featured here and also became part of the unreleased ANGEL ZERO demo. it features the same instrumentation. i recorded the vocals at the leechnest, the headquarters of the annihilvs organization.

emperor slug is a track from the GREY ALBUM and is basically two songs in one. the metal breakbeat track (featuring bass guitar and vocals) eventually dissolves into chilling ambience (a purely digital piece). the track was remixed by boris may from klangstabil and torben wendt. the remix was then released on the ELEKTROANSCHLAG compilation in 2007. Both the GREY ALBUM and the ELEKTROANSCHLAG compilation are now sold out. amorphine was originally recorded in the us in 2002 from the PATHOMECHANICAL sessions, using a jackson guitar, ibanez bass, vocals, and the portable sampler, an akai s20. there is a video of amorphine on the nexialist youtube page. xpomul is from the notorious STRUCTURAL MUSIC sessions. what you want features vocals from leech from NTT. the 2010 version is re-edited and remastered and otherwise unreleased.

omnipotentate is originally a track from the ANATOMIC sessions created in 2004. it features essentially the same set-up as the GREY ALBUM and ANGEL POSITION sessions. bits and pieces from the ANATOMIC sessions appeared on a handful of compilations. the prisoner combines the sequencing with a real-time electronic jam using: a pc laptop, an akai s20, a yamaha tx7, alesis nanobass, and assorted hardware effects. it was released on the only nexialist vinyl release, the split 12" with nexicon titled "simple things are often monstrous", now sold out. total now is one of the oldest fk tracks and appeared in archaic versions on early demos (FORENSIUM, 2001). originally recorded with a pc soundcard, it became a signature live track during the american years of fk (2001-2003). this live version captures the spirit from that era.

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