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DJ Force & Styles were a Happy Hardcore act comprising of Darren Styles (a.k.a. Darren James Mew) and Paul Hobbs. The group were formed in 1995 when Darren Styles and Paul Hobbs, who were previously in a breakbeat hardcore group called DJ Force & The Evolution, decided to set up their own label UK Dance Records so they could quickly release more material and have complete artistic license over their records. They began producing using the alias Force & Styles and released many 12-inch records on UK Dance and by 1996 their popularity had grown so that they were DJing every weekend up and down the UK, as well as touring Australia, North America, and Ibiza on a regular basis. The two also held residencies at various events including those by Slammin Vinyl, Helter Skelter and United Dance. By 1997, they had produced some of the biggest Happy Hardcore tracks of the time, many of which went on to be covered by commercial dance artists, including singles "Heart of Gold", "Paradise & Dreams", "Pretty Green Eyes", "Pacific Sun" and "Field of Dreams". Force & Styles picked up many awards at this time and they were the first ever hardcore DJs to do a guest mix for Pete Tong's Essential Mix radio show on BBC Radio One. Force & Styles released three albums: All over the UK (1996), Simply Electric (1998) - a compilation of tracks by DJ Force & The Evolution and Force & Styles - and their greatest hits album Heart of Gold (2000). After the group disbanded, Darren Styles later formed Styles & Breeze in the early 00's with Mark Brady and adopted a trance influenced sound, while also collaborating with other artists and having a solo career.

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