• Top 10 Albums Of 2009

    15. Jan. 2010, 22:06 von AxemRangers

    Disclaimer: Obviously not a definitive, end-all be-all list, and not so much "best" albums as "my favorite" albums, but an interesting little exercise for me nevertheless (as I usually try to avoid putting things like this together), and one I hope you enjoy.

    10. Fantastic Explosion - Sound Track (from Time Evaluation Tactics Hyperion)
    Fantastic Explosion's first new full-length album in five or six years more or less validates itself on those merits. Kazunao Nagata's (producer for many, the man behind Transonic Records, ExT Recordings, and owner of Transonic Studios) group is now joined by Tetsuto Yoshida (a Readymade artist) for the soundtrack to an film that I have...not seen. Fantastic Explosion's bouncy, influenced sound is back in full swing, with some more mature and glossy elements overshadowing the disjointed, breakier elements of their early work. Playfully programmed drums and meticulous synthesizers are still king. No tracks that pop out at me as much as in the past (JAPAN AS NO.