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Fabrizio Mammarella is currently working with different projects: Telespazio, Black Spuma (with Lauer) and he’s also releasing new material with Roman artist Rodion.

The standard-bearer of the new Italian sound projected to the next millennium - keeping the best ideas of the last, adding new colours and shades to a picture that has already been finished and is confined to a specific dimension. Instead, Fabrizio Mammarella takes the discussion to the next level, while tracing a line of continuity through the years where the dancefloor exploded (thanks to Moroder, Baldelli, Alexander Robotnick), through the clubs between the 70s and 80s that were awakened in Italy, which in the 90s burned the Riviera Romagnola. This is a new era, where Mammarella is a captain, along with others which includes the Roman Rodion, whom he is collaborating with. He is a musician in Clap Rules and Telespazio project; a producer who works solo and also with his partner in crime Philipp Lauer in their project Black Spuma; runs a record label Slow Motion which just recently gave birth to its sub label Wrong Era, both of whose names communicate their intent.

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