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Explorer2000 is taking you away, into another dimensions. He was travelling through Space and Time, on a journey to finding himself. And now he's back. To provide you, the music you need, the ambience you need, the atmosphere you need. As he came back he found himself in the Hamburg of 2049. He takes you with him to be a part of his journey. But beware, this journey is not always comfortable. So fasten your seatbelt and get ready for EXPLORER2000.

Explorer2000 is a german Music-Producer and Composer, Radio-Host and Writer,
who was born in 1985 Sögel, Germany.

Since earliest childhood he listens to music and recorded own radioshows with his mic and Cassette Tapedeck.
2013 he moved to Hamburg and studied Sound Engineering. Since 2015 I he takes piano lessons from Andreas Schick from theatre Feine Künste in Hamburg.

Now he's producing the Radioshow Explorer's Kraut & Rüben and producing atmospheric and moody music for differerent occasions.
For Videos, Movies, Meditation for example.
His style of producing wobbles between Prog-Rock Influenced Synthesizer Music, Synth-Wave and Jazz. He calls it Synth-Prog.
For him it is important to create a distinct pictures and moods in your head.

With ExplorerAUDIO he runs his own production home studio.

With Explorer2000 he realizes his artist career. Explorer2000 ist a journey to Retro Styled Synth Wave and Synth Prog.

If you need music, sound collages or sounds for your own projects, please contact him.

Official: www.exploreraudio..de
Explorer2000. www.exploreraudio.de/explorer2000

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