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Stefan Meier, better Evilness is an uptempo hardcore DJ & producer from Hamburg. He started his music career in late 2015 producing psytrance and progressive trance, but his taste in music changed shortly after. This arose from his first visits to smaller hardcore parties where he immediately fell in love with fast hardcore music. After attending a few larger events, his desire to produce this type of music increased. At the end of 2018 he founded his pseudonym Evilness and started the project. The long time he spent in the studio led to some decent productions, which were recognized not only by fans but also by well-known DJs in the scene like Hatred, Vandalism or Spitnoise. Evilness' music is characterized by fast hard kicks, crazy melodies with drum & bass and industrial elements. His tracks being played by these DJs at big events proved their ability to freak people out. But not only his great ambition when producing, but also the experience he has gained through producing complex music such as trance, leads to a high degree of quality and variety in his tracks. He has performed with big names in the scene such as Hass, DRS, Kryogen, MBK, NSD, Barber, Basspunkz and TerrorClown.

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