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  • Geburtstag

    1995 (27 Jahre alt)

Ershad Baldwin is a Pop R&B Rock Singer-Songwriter Producer Beatboxing Model and Actor. Ershad appears to be one of the best entertainers as an Artist with strong willpower he can do it touring music to listen to a global audience. here we can see how successful his passion is in the industry. moved by Justin Timberlake Michael Jackson Usher Jimi Hendrix Guitar playing He won The YOU 1 of biggest Messe of Europe 1# Best act Artist performer Berlin 1# won Elbcoast of Top Artists HH 1# won ESF Talent Performer 1# won Best of Mode Lindberg Model Artist
on his stage performances the winnings were the beginning of his life one by one He started his tour at many festivals and television performances. We will see many more possible and impossible things. He is looking forward for a manager for Scooter Braun SB Projects School Boy RBMG Records at the top of A&R manager of Justin Bieber Ariana Grande co by his side, which he can very well imagine 2020 he moved to LA Hollywood USA live out creativity for international stage appearances hear some more exciting from him release The first solo single was released on April 24, 2020.

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