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The Berlin based band ΣNΣMY I rely on authenticity in tone and text. They combine a potent and provocative mixture of different metal genres with Industrial hues in a broad spectrum of complex songs.
The resulting style is a progressive hybrid pertinently described as "Depressive Industrial Metal".

Diversified and harmonious - ΣNΣMY I don't limit themselves. Demonstrated in their debut EP "anywhere but here" (2014) and their first full length album called "Dysphoria" (2017), which represents their musical repertoire via expressive and atmospheric-dense arrangements.

Frontman Rob DeVille bares his soul in his lyrics and his voice. Apart from the autobiographically coloured song lyrics, which (according to the title of the album) attest to different discords, his multifaceted singing from gentle-quiet to sad-gloomy and aggressive Death Metal growling completes the total package of ΣNΣMY I.

This band is almost a "must have" for anybody who is seeking a suitable soundtrack to the "dark side of life".

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