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*** EN VOICE ***

The project „En Voice“ started in November 2002. “En Voice” stands for dreamlike, spherical, cosmic as well as universal electronic sounds in a completely new style. “En Voice” is not comparable with conventional Chill-out music, it is rather like a ticket to different places, to audiovisual dreamlands.

“En Voice” is a mixture of Ambient, Pop, Chill-Out as well as Dance music, but with a touch of melancholy. Travelling and inspired by the beautiful and natural impressions of the surrounding landscape, Andreas decides to take Roland along, who is standing at the road. From there on they are travelling together, with the intention to transpose their experiences into music. This explains the partly different musical pieces, which is an absolutely desired effect.

“En Voice” is a fine mix of music, it is an innovation in the genre of electronic music, but filled with harmonic sounds, full of feelings and combined with really hand-made elements, going directly to your soul, leaving you touched. While listening the dreamy music by “En Voice” you are not only relaxing but simultaneously going on an exciting voyage of discovery.

One year after their fantastic Debut 'Inclination for Composure', En Voice present their second Album. 'Hall Of Dreams' is another inspired journey around the world of electronic and cosmic sounds, spiced up with tasted of Pop Music and Chillout. All the tracks have a deeply emotional touch.The flow is very soothing and the love for details make you want to listen to it again and again and again.

“En Voice”- this music will touch your inner depth.

*** Album **

2011 Re-Release EN VOICE Album "Hall Of Dreams"
2011 Re-Release EN VOICE Album "Inclination For Composure"

2006 EN VOICE Album "Hall Of Dreams"
2005 EN VOICE Album "Inclination For Composure"

*** Compilations ***

2010 Le Café Abstrait Vol. 7
2010 Shanti Bar
2009 Church Lounge Vol. II
2009 EAST Volume Lotus
2007 Dreams
2007 GOA 2007 Vol. III
2007 Yellow Sunshine Explosion Vol. 5
2007 GOA 2007 Vol.
2007 Klassic Lounge "Nightflight Vol.1"
2006 GOA Beach Vol. IV
2006 Tantra Trance Vol. II
2006 GOA 2006 Vol. I
2006 City Hippy
2004 Frankfurt Lounge II
2003 Electronic Lounge
2003 Chillum Dreams

© 2002-2012 EN VOICE | www.dreamzonemusic.com / www.en-voice.com

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