• Serve, eh?

    9. Feb. 2008, 23:29 von tiger_myfriend

    01. How did you get into #31 (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)?
    Well, I remember seeing one of their videos when I was a wee one just starting to like music and, back then, they were too CRAZYYY for my tastes. Eventually, when I was sucked into a new world of music, I checked them out and love love loved them.

    02. What was the first song you ever heard by #22 (Tyler Bates)?
    El oh el - the 300 soundtrack. It's so long that if I just listen to it once it becomes one my top listens.

    03. What's your favorite lyric by #41 ()?
    I don't have a 41. :[

    04. What is your favourite album by #49 ()?
    I don't have a 49 either. :[ :[

    05. How many albums by #13 (Paramore) do you own?
    Two: All We Know Is Falling and RIOT!

    06. What is your favourite song by #50 (Meiko)?
    reason to love. But Hawaii is just as beautiful. Thank you, Grey's Anatomy.

    07. Is there a song by #4 (Chris Garneau) that makes you sad?
    I could go on and on with Chris' sad songs but the one that really stands out is The Island Song. …