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With a career that begins behind the decks in storied Berlin clubs like Bunker, Tresor and E-Werk, Ellen Allien has been at the very heart of the city’s club scene since its early days – first as a DJ and producer, then label boss. Her revered imprint BPitch Control was, throughout the aughts, something of a guiding force and bellwether for techno and electro. Now, her residency at Griessmuehle sees her host Berlin party We are Not Alone, and expanding from the dancefloor, she flexes her curation skills with Vinylism – a series of in-store events hosting line-ups at record shops across the globe.

Proving that the secret of longevity is creative renewal, Allien recently launch UFO Inc., a new label that sharpens its focus on the rawer end of contemporary techno with forthcoming releases tapped from Alien Rain and Regal.

Ellen Allien’s Crack Mix embodies UFO Inc.’s ethos: an almost two-hour adrenaline rush through muscular rave and bunker techno, all delivered with zero capitulations to genteel home listening. Allien has never been one to shy away from the psychedelic corners of 4/4, and there’s plenty of knotty textures, throwback acid riffs and distorted kicks to keep to keep you on your toes. It is, in the words of Allien, a “home rave session, bringing the club to my house”

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