• Some songs you "should" have!

    2. Sep. 2010, 7:27 von DJCalboy

    Hallo Hallo! :D
    No... I am not saying that you should listen and have this songs... It was just a title for my writing... as I could not find a better title for this! hahahaah
    Well... Gonna list below some songs (with videos/audio videos) that I have been listening these days...
    I am not sure, but I think I can say that these songs are in my "Top 10"... anyways...
    Hope this list gives you a new artist or song to listen to.

    1 - Eliza G - Summer Lie
    As an lover, I must say that this song was one of the best songs of 2009... But I only found this some days ago! hahahah Okay... a little late, I know. :D
    This was produced for the same Italian team that, in the 90's, produced artist like Double You, Ice MC, Alexia and many others - the team = Robyx.
    Great tune and great remixes - Her single has 9 (nine!) versions/remixes! this is what I myself call a "super-hyper-mega-maxi single" hahahahah

    And here, in my opinion, the best remix for Summer Lie!