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From a festival to a feature to friendship, from techno to electronica to a band. In this manner towards twitter compatibility, one may describe Eating Snow’s previous path, which has really just begun for Douglas Greed and Mooryc, with only few characters. The two of them met in 2010 at a festival in Poland, only shortly afterwards the joint tracks „Pain“ and „Morning Gloria“ developed, which can be listened to on Douglas Greed’s debut album „KRL“. However, „Dougi“ and Mooryc weren’t just in tune with each other quickly, they also automatically arrived at a common sound despite their different musical roots, which ranges from sensual indietronica to powerful house right up to perfectly grooving pop moments.

The full range of this sound is spread over thirteen tracks on their same-titled debut album „Eating Snow“, which was developed in Poznan, Wustrow, Jena and of course Berlin where not only Mooryc has been living for a couple of years, but also Douglas Greed spent some time at in the summer of 2014. A major part of it the two of them spent together in the studio, drinking lukewarm beer, laughing their heads off at the biggest nonsense and having fun as mates around the clock. Furthermore, they felt their common passion for the darker moments/elements of pop music and bound electronic beats as well as melodies and lyrics together to a magical ensemble in which the unique voice of Mooryc comes upon the as melancholic as euphoric musical bent of Douglas Greed – and thereby swears off the dancefloor specification entirely.

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