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E-Saggila is the main alias of Iraq-born, Toronto-based musician Rita Mikhael. Over the latter few years Rita’s project has grasped the attention of anyone in search of fresh takes on harsh dancefloor music. Her tape releases on Opal Tapes, Summer Isle (which she is the co-founder of) and a few others, are remarkable for their variety. They combine techno, rhythmic noise, hardcore and even dnb, but each of these elements is remade in E-Saggila’s own distinct image. This peculiar quality feels like something informed by the darker shades of noise and dark ambient, with rich distorted textures, ice-cold synths and cavernous echoes. E-Saggila has made a number tracks that are at once very aggressive in the beat section, and melodic or even mellow elsewhere - a very interesting state of comfort at carnage. Her latest record, Echo Strip, has just come out, and it certainly has some of her more intense stuff to date, including a really cool foray into hardcore with Through Concrete or into airy IDM with Vital.

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