• Christmas Analogue Island Special. Available on iTunes as a Podcast..

    23. Dez. 2009, 19:29 von HealeyIsland

    Join me on iTunes for the debut podcast of the popular Analogue Island net radio show. This episode is the Xmas Day 2 hour Analogue Island special, complete with faux party atmosphere. http://www.analogueisland.co.uk/Site_9/Podcast/Podcast.html

    Come with me on a Christmas journey, on Christmas night, to a place of winter magic. Meet Santa and his happy helpful elves, as they wend their weary way home after a busy festive season. Marvel as I stop his sleigh and invite him to join us for a spot of mulled wine, rest a while, and listen as some of the finest musical acts in the known universe perform for his entertainment. Then, once he is refreshed and merry, we can send him on his way, before we call the Cops and tell them a red suited man with a white beard is driving a team of reindeer and a sleigh under the influence.

    Yes there's another quiz too. This time you have to be eagle eared (?) and spot the deliberately incorrect historical reference. You'll have to listen carefully. …
  • tom reviews his Recommendations from last.fm groups

    17. Mai. 2008, 17:08 von tom_dissonance

    Aura Navarre (played: Don't Look Further For The Devil)
    A stern-sounding lady sings seemingly at random over music played seemingly only slightly less at random.
    from “Music Is My Girlfriend“

    Miami Scissors (played: iamnokia)
    Their bio pegs them as "noise-rock/post-rock/experimental punk" but to these ears they sound like collegiate emo with maybe a slight nod towards the end of Britpop.
    from “Fugazi“

    Ben's Imaginary Band (played: The Last Living Man)
    Quite pleasant jangly acoustic guitar-y indie with perhaps slightly weedy vocals which nonetheless probably directly appeal to the kind of doe-eyed indie girls that the band bio seems to hint wistfully toward. The little xylophone thing is quite sweet.
    from “People with inconsistent musical taste - who yet prove a certain indy-attitude“

    Spatial Unity (played: Postcard From My Heart)
    Spatial Unity is a class new music project from Scotland. Although predominantly and influenced, music is flavoured with various genres ranging from