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Galveston, Texas based singer/songwriter Douglas Greer is a Roots-Rock/Americana recording artist with Continental Record Services, based in the Netherlands, and is a Texas-based touring artist. Greer showcases a brand of original roots-rock music heavy on storytelling and whose recordings are wrapped in electric guitar- and keyboard-infused melodies reminiscent of seventies-era country and rock.

Greer and his full band have played shows at major venues in the Austin area including Antone’s, the Saxon Pub, Poodie’s Hilltop Roadhouse, Momo’s and Jovita’s. He has played in markets ranging from Austin, New Orleans, Luckenbach, Houston, Galveston, Fort Worth, Nashville, the Southeast Texas area, and throughout the Netherlands and the Hill Country and Gulf Coast regions of Texas.

As an acoustic performer, Greer employs a unique style that mixes equal parts red dirt country, rock and bluegrass. As a songwriter, Greer often chooses to write about personal experiences he had growing up and living on the Texas Gulf Coast area by the Louisiana border. His personal storytelling style is what sets him apart in the genre. “When I was a kid, I always kept a diary and liked to write about what was happening to me at the time. As a songwriter, I like to think there’s a part of me and my experiences in everything I write,” as he puts it. He has been described as “a Steve Earle playing songs of a Townes Van Zandt.”

Greer promotes his music most heavily to the Western Europe and Eastern Australia markets. Over ninety percent of Greer’s music sales have been in overseas markets.

His 2006 debut album, “Just a Man,” has been sold in thirteen countries on four continents. The album reached the Number One spot on the Euro Americana Chart, the Americana music chart in Europe, as well as the Number Two spot on the same chart the following month, where it topped Bob Dylan’s “Modern Times,” which debuted at Number Three. It also reached the Number Thirteen spot in America on the Freeform American Roots Chart.

Greer’s 2016 release, “Baja Louisiana,” also reached the Number One spot on the Euro Americana Chart and the Number Thirteen Spot on the Freeform American Roots Chart. The album was named the Number Nine Album of the Year on the Euro Americana Chart, between releases by Sturgill Simpson at Number Eight and Lucinda Williams at Number Ten.

Douglas Greer and “Just a Man” earned significant critical acclaim and radio airplay in Holland, Belgium, Spain, France and Germany, and made several year-end lists in the European Americana music community, including Number One Male Artist (Johanna Bodde, Alt Country Cooking), Number Two Male Artist (Jos van den Boom, Crossroads Radio), Best Debut Album (Jos van Den Boom, Crossroads Radio), and Album of the Year (Francois Braeken, Rootstime Magazine), as well as being named Album of the Month on the seminal radio program, “Americana OK,” on Leith FM Radio in Edinburgh, Scotland.

He has taken five promotional tours of Europe, including guest artist appearances on Crossroads Radio, Country File Radioshow, and several other programs, and was a featured performer on the acclaimed world music cultural program, “Cultureel Podium Roepaen.”

Douglas Greer has had two tours of Europe, slated for 2020, cancelled because of the coronavirus epidemic, but will be touring in Europe again when permitted.

Greer is currently promoting his new album project, “My Last Storm”, which has just been released in September 2020 in the European Union and United Kingdom through Continental Record Services, the premier record label in Europe for North American Roots, Americana and Blues artists, as well as his Spotify single and video for his new song, “My Bible and My Gun.” Promotion for the album in the Benelux region is being handled by Jan Janssen and JohTheMa Promotions, based in the Netherlands.

Douglas Greer will present a United States album release and promotional campaign and tour for “My Last Storm” in early 2021.

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