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Dodewaard was a / band from the Netherlands. The band existed from 2001 until 2004 and played a total of exactly 50 shows. They released (1) A demotape titled 'Heroine Maakt Veel Goed,' (2) An untitled split LP with The People Listening, Wonder (another Dutch screamo band) on the German Adagio830 Records, and (3) A 4-way split-cd with bands Petethepiratesquid, The Third Memory and Thema Eleven, released by the French Impure Muzik label. The total of 10 songs making up these last two releases were also compiled and sold as a tour-only CD under the title 'God's Dead, You're Next'. They recorded two more songs just before breaking up, which were released as a tour-only CD entitled 'Mensen Met Een Mening' in 2004, and appeared on a 6-way split LP on Moment of Collapse Records (D) late 2008 entitled 'Connections'. This LP also features Arse Moreira, Eucalypt, Amalthea, Orbit Cinta Benjamin, and Hiro.

One guitarplayer now plays in Headcollision, the other guitarplayer and bassplayer now play in Karaktermoord andLegion of Substitute Heroes, and the drummer plays in Raik & the Chainballs.

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