• these are claire's favorite albums ever

    5. Mai. 2007, 10:59 von superjouer

    So I’m sure all of us have compiled this list either in our heads, out loud, or on paper at least once in our life. The last time I sat down and decisively ranked the music I was listening to I was probably 17, and I think it should go without saying that in 4 years my taste has changed drastically. For one thing, I listen to electronica now. A lot. It’s pretty much the only thing I listen to. When I was 17, I refused to listen to it because I thought all electronic music sounded like bad house music. I am really, really glad that my friends fixed that idea.

    With all this in mind, I decided it was time to sit down and write a list of my favoritest albums (not artists, that’s a different list entirely) ever. They’re not definitively ranked, but they do appear in order of importance and/or adherence to the criteria I’ve set forth.

    My criteria for judging were threefold. First, I took into consideration how strong the album was as an album. …
  • radio free dominion 3

    15. Mär. 2006, 16:18 von avatarofnirvana

    Today's theme seems to be the so called intelligent dance music. I think at least. I don't really know what that term means. So I just kinda threw it out there.

    Rounds & Pause A pair of decent albums, I think in total I'm keeping one albums worth of stuff. Rounds is home to my favorite Four Tet song, My Angel Rocks Back and forth. Very soothing music, many candidates for my playlist of relaxation.

    Early Works for Me if it Works for You Interestingly it was only really the first song (at least so far) that made me think "Postal Service without Ben Gibbard". That said, it's all right, some good stuff, much darker than the postal service, which I don't think is necessarily a bad thing at all. Overall I liked it, but I wish there was something to sing along to...

    Life Is Full of Possibilities
  • Dntel

    9. Feb. 2006, 13:22 von Raura

    I've listened to Death Cab and Dntel these days. I like Dntel more ;p So I'd like to talk about him in this post.

    Early Works for Me if it Works for You and Something Always Goes Wrong sounds quite cold and mysterious to me. There's no doubt the former two are great, but the warmth in Life Is Full of Possibilities is more attractive and colourful, especailly those tracks which had voice part in them. :)

    I love (This Is) The Dream of Evan and Chan, Anywhere Anyone, Umbrella, and etc.