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Swedish trio Dirty Loops make their own brand of jazz, R&B, and electronic dance music-inflected pop.
Formed in 2008, the group features the talents of former childhood friends Jonah Nilsson (vocals, keyboards) and Henrik Linder (bass guitar), along with Aaron Mellergårdh (drums), whom Nilsson and Linder met as teens. After earning their respective music degrees, all three of Dirty Loops' members worked as session musicians. It wasn't until 2008 that they decided to form Dirty Loops as an outlet to express their own genre-bending style of pop music.
Initially, they recorded and posted several cover songs, catching the attention of music producer Andreas Carlsson. Carlsson helped the band build its audience and eventually signed a record deal with producer David Foster and Verve. In 2014, Dirty Loops released their debut full-length album, Loopified, featuring the single "Hit Me." In 2019, Dirty Loops starting working with the legendary Quincy Jones and made their re-debut with "Work Shit Out." ~ Matt Collar

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