• Grand Sale on www.waerloga.com

    11. Aug. 2009, 10:58 von Waerloga

    Big Waerloga Sale!


    In these hard time we like to support you listeners and customers with offering some really nice prices. So for a month or so we have this SALE with no less than 5 Waerloga Releases (4 albums for 50% off ordinary price), 44 Other Releases (31 albums for 50% off ordinary price) and 18 Soundtrack (12 albums for 50% off ordinary price).

    Let us a sure you that some of these prices are wicked as hell and we will not even earn anything from selling them!

    You can see the complete list of all 67 albums here below:
    All prices here are in Euros. The first sum is the normal price and the second sum is the price right now.


    Alfons Conde - The Dark Hour (La Hora Fria) 20 - 15

    Andrea Morricone - L..Inchiesta 16 - 8 (50%)

    Danny Elfman - Red Dragon 16 - 9

    Danny Elfman - Sleepy Hollow 15 - 7,5 (50%)

    Dimitri Tiomkin - Land of the Pharaohs (2 CD) 23 - 11,5 (50%)

    Don Davis - Warriors of Virtue 16 - 8 (50%)

  • Weds Picks.

    27. Feb. 2007, 8:20 von RoyBoy3

    Some stuff I have among my collection and I've been listening too.

    Finntroll is a..unique Finnish black metal band. They sing in Swedish and sometimes use a bit of traditional Finn music as a base.

    Dimitri Tiomkin is one of my favorite film score composers. Although he's known for his work on fameous films and TV westerns, Dimitri has done the occasional score for fantastic film like The Thing From Another Planet and Lost Horizon

    The Lunachicks are one of those groups you have to pick up to listen to. They a very good Heavy style group. Some say they're punk, some say they're metal.I think they;re a great transitional band.

    Mad Sin is an awesome psychobilly band out of Berlin. Known for their fast paced style and sampling of horror movies, this band has put themselves on the shelves of the best of the best in euro psychobilly.

    Dimitri Tiomkin
    The Lunachicks
    Mad Sin