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Once upon a time two innovative DJ's and Live-acts from Zurich's techno-scene where booked together for a jam-session-gig at a small underground venue…. and it really rocked the place! The great feedback from the audience and the fun playing live with a lot of machinery was the inspiration for Bang Goes (Roland Widmer) and styro2000 (Marcel Ackerknecht) to go on with this constellation, and so since then, they play gigs and do tracks under the Name „Die Galoppierende Zuversicht“. This, apart for german speaking people, quite unpronounceable Name (just try: ) is some sort of joke and literally says „the galopping confidence“ but has more the meaning of silly-euphoric optimism with a twist. The same sort of fun that drives the live-acts of the dynamic Duo, and it's really live, without net and security leash… no computers and prerecorded stuff is used, the improvising and creating new grooves and sequences with drummachines, synthesizers and self-developed gear on the fly keeps the music fresh and every performance unique. With this concept and their knowledge of how to move the dancefloor, the two guys played at several Festivals, Raves and Clubs. The music is an amalgam of energetic Drums and Percussion, funky basslines, minimalistic melodies and a pinch of acid, just the right sound to burn the dancefloor and to elevate your mind. Usually a performance runs about 60 - 90 Minutes (longer on request) and is well suited for the early morning hours.Beside of playing live and DJ-ing „Die Galoppierde Zuversicht“ are producing records with a strong focus on preserving this live-feel, like the track „linguini al denta“ (released on the bruchstuecke-label) that was licensed from Richie Hawtin for his “The Tunnel / Twin Cities”-compilation and appeared on the Sony playstation-game „Mix'n'Effects“.

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