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Devil’s Force was started to bring together the elements of 80-ties speed- & heavy metal with the 90-ties melodic death- and black metal.
The "band" is a soloproject and it's creative force is Pierre Törnkvist, frontman of Helltrain and previously vocalist, guitarist and songwriter in bands such as The Everdawn, Scheitan and The Moaning.
During 2016-2019 there has been six single releases so far (digital only) for the tracks "The Devil's Force" (2016), "Let it Burn" (2017), "Unholy Night" (2017), "Cold Hard Steel" (2018), "War" (2018 / Bathory cover) and "Black Heavy Metal" (2019).
The first three single releases were also packaged for a limited edition cassette release through Swedish underground label Iron Fist Productions, run by Tomas Nyqvist.
A live line-up has been recruited consisting of Jakob Björnfot (The Duskfall/lead guitar), Fredrik Andersson (Helltrain/drums) and Markus Parkkila (Venegence/bass).

In the meanwhile, work is being made for a full-length release during 2019.

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