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Derek Marin aka Derek M is at the top of his game - Running 3 labels, reaching the 1000 track release mark, mastering music & performing around the globe he may be the hardest working human being in Techno.

Derek Marin is no newcomer to the scene, he’s been moving mountains in the electronic music industry for over 25 years now and has a number of big milestones to show for it. Over the years Marin has developed and polished his music which has led him to making big strides and standing out in the electronic music industry. To date Marin runs three music labels which are known across the world and motivate thousands of aspiring DJs and producers to find and perfect their sound and be part of these institutional music houses. You may of heard of his own industry indents: Faucet Music & Like Button, Subtrak Records plus the Berlin Techno collective Disclaimer. Outside of managing his own music labels Marin is also associated with a number of other influential and renowned labels such as Plastic City, Superfreq, Get Physical, Little Helpers, Endless, Nervous, Toolroom and My Favourite Freaks. And if he’s not found heading one of his labels then you’ll be able to catch him performing his signature acid and minimal techno sounds around the globe under one of his many aliases like Platonik, Autopilot, Modest D, Mycroft & is in the group PLOY. One of the things we find most alluring with Marin is that most people will think they’ve never heard of him but later find out that they’ve got a number of tracks under a different moniker. He is undoubtedly one of the hardest working people in the underground electronic music industry, his past is nothing but motivational

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