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Der Rache liebt. Starting out in the depths of 1987, seven war-struck individuals decided to form an institution of pure hate and misanthropy. Considering music the only form to mediate their innermost desperation and animosity towards mankind they created a band but set their status on hold before even creating one single song or releasing any musical material. Running out of drugs and fraught with the shattering belief of the nearing apocalypse, all members of Der Rache liebt retreated themselves into a cave (no exact place is conveyed), slowly sliding into comatose delirium in 1999. Eleven years later a landslide opened the cave again and the remaining three individuals walked into the sunlight again. They immediately recorded their first album, which was released in September 2010, merging various styles like Crustpunk, Grindcore, Doom Metal, Visual Kei, Emocore, Gay Rock, Bebop and Satanic Klezmer Pop into occult Black Metal.

All Outputs are available for free at

Der Rache liebt are:

Imperialer Hexenmeister aka Der Ficker - Vapid Vocals & Background Bass
Holocaust Rabbi - Axe & Chainsaw
Häretischer Hassketzer - Blasphemous Battery
Frostbitten Jew-Impaler - Beer supply

Guest Members:
Symphonic Synthie Sodomizer
Orthodox Opium Omnivore


Possessed By R:666 (2010)
Cold Forest Eclipse (2011)
...vergessener Dunkelheit (2011)

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