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"DEPRAVITY (D) was founded by guitarist Dennis Geil (also in For Godʼs Sake) and bassist Christian Dasbach in Gelsenkirchen/Germany in October 1999. A couple of songs was written within weeks, so the band entered stages throughout the country immediately. In 2002 DEPRAVITY released their first self-produced record “Bloodbath In Paradise”. The album consists of 10 atmospheric Black Metal songs that already caught some media attention.

Unfortunately DEPRAVITY went through several line-up changes after the release of “Bloodbath In Paradise”. But in the end the search for new members turned out quite positive. In early 2004 guitarist Othon Kokkinos (also in Suffocate Bastard) and in 2007 Jan Wiltschut (also in Death By Dawn) on vocals completed the band. This formation, with the help of hired drummer Markus Strehlau (ex-Gorezone), planned a new album.

So began the recording of “Litanies For The World To Suffer” in 2007. Jan Schwers who works with renowned bands such as Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, The Vision Bleak, etc. engineered and mixed the album at Noizefloor Studios. It was mastered by Markus Stock who also worked with Eisregen and Secrets Of The Moon before. After two years in the making “Litanies For The World To Suffer” saw its official world-wide online-release in May 2009 through amazon, itunes, napster and so on.

The album shows an enormous development since the first record. Whether sound, energy, speed, virtuosity, writing skills, you-name-it “Litanies For The World To Suffer” is DEPRAVITYʼs masterpiece so far. Even the musical direction changed. This record consists of 11 Death Metal songs with a few Black, Thrash and Grind influences. No surprise, the record received some very good and euphoric critics!

The more surprising, the album still waits for a physical release through a suitable Label, to date.

But DEPRAVITY didnʼt resign and rather produced a promotional video clip to “Maelstrom misanthropy”. Of course, DEPRAVITY tapped professional help, again: Krakwork Studios (Japanische Kampfhörspiele, World Downfall) for directing and post-production, three make-up artists (Dance of the vampires broadway musical, RTL television), photographers.

Due to private reasons Christian had to leave the band in late 2009. Since his departure DEPRAVITY ainʼt got a new bass player. So if YOU think you can handle the job: Donʼt hesitate and contact us, now!!!

Luckily, the search for a permanent drummer came to an end as Michél Jansen became band-member in Febuary 2010.

Devoting themselves to extreme music DEPRAVITY is ready to hit stages again, to blast everyone into oblivion!"

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