• About DeMERiT

    18. Jan. 2009, 14:54 von snivels

    Formed in Qingdao in 2004, and having moved to Beijing the following year to be closer to the center of the Chinese music scene, Demerit is widely recognized as the best street punk band in China. They play blazing sets with a ferocious energy that masks the craftsmanship of their music until, during their increasingly popular acoustic shows, it becomes obvious that these guys also write great songs. Unlike a lot of punks, their musical tastes are also fairly wide-ranging. Their debut “Never say die” was released in mid 2006. Originally a quartet (vocals, guitar, bass and percussion), the band recently added a second guitar to fill out their sound and to allow more guitar experimentation. The result is a very rich, open sound that, while remaining firmly within the fast-paced tradition of angry street punk, is capable of beautiful chords and haunting melodies. Not just musicians, Demerit takes the rebellious spirit of punk very seriously…
  • you can buy great music off me!

    2. Apr. 2008, 6:00 von kabukiboy

    regularly updated here:

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    a real proposal for an invisible world + 7” $6
    Admiral + revolving and loading 7” (ebullition) $6
    Aerial M + as performed by aerial m cd $15
    Ai Yamamoto + euphonious cd (beautiful noise) $10
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    Angry Jerks + nanjing alarm cd (chinese in yr face punk rock) $10
    anthony guerra/matthew nidek + tenant ekong cd (minimal noise) $10
    antipan + 3” cdr (punk improv) $6
    antipan + one sided 12” (rizili etching/pink vinyl – limited to 275) $25
    Ants + guachos cd (experimental guitar/drums duo ala naked city) $10
  • nanjing youth festival (南京团购音乐节)

    25. Sep. 2007, 0:57 von uncowed

    pictures from the youth festival in nanjing on sept22,'07

    frozen street (冷冻街), Demerit, SMZB,
    OLD DOLL, last chance at youth
  • Beijing City Hardcore

    22. Jul. 2006, 20:22 von Rhizoma

    Oh, Beijing Hardcore, I was wondering if there was hope for you. Most of the scene here is rock n' roll or post-punk noise. The closest you get is heavy street-punk (Demerit) or d-beat (Discord or Fangzui Shangfa). However tonight I saw a glimmer of hope. Tonight was the first show for 13 dogs or Dog 13 or Dog Pussy. Due to a linguistic slight of tongue the name moves from Dog 13 to Dog B (B looks like 13, get it?) which sounds like the Chinese word for "pussy." I guess "Dog Pussy" here means... fuck I have no idea what it means.

    The band is made up of Joyside bassist, Liu Hao, along with thier former drummer, Fan Buo (why the fuck did they kick him out?), and guitarist, Wangzi. It's great seeing them take a much more active role than they have in the past and Fan Buo at least looks much happier in this style. They play a form of '80s no-thrill hardcore; short fast and slightly metal, a bit of thrash a bit of fast punk. …