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  • Geburtstag

    5. August 1983 (34 Jahre alt)

Early on in her teenage life, Richard began performing with a local New Orleans group called "Realiti," before following her instincts and going solo under the name "Dawn Angeliqué." With help from her family and friends she released a solo album called "Been a While." Although it had no releases and did not chart, it was still good enough to secure her a spot as the opening act for Anthony Hamilton. Briefly leaving music behind, she focused on dance, becoming an NBA cheerleader for the New Orleans Hornets while attending university.

Her big break came when, in 2005, Richard auditioned for the MTV show Making the Band 3 in Orlando, where she was chosen to compete for a spot in Sean "Diddy" Combs's future girl-group. She beat out numerous contestants to secured herself a spot, along with Aubrey O'Day, Aundrea Fimbres, Wanita Woodgette (now known as "D. Woods"), and Shannon Bex in the newly formed musical group, which would soon be called Danity Kane.

The idea for the name of the group came from one of Richard's drawing. An avid fan of manga, while Danity Kane was in the studio, Richard drew a female superhero which caught the attention of Combs. When asked what the character's name was, she replied, "Danity Kane." To Combs, this represented the girls of Making the Band 3. He then decided that it should be the name of the group. The name and story were first introduced during Danity Kane's TRL appearance on June 14, 2006

Richard has also remixed a song with London-based artist Cherri V, whose title is "Fast Car." The song has since become one of the most listened to songs on Cherri V's myspace.

Early 2008, a song called "Phase" was leaked onto the internet and featured Lil Wayne. Although it was buzzed as a Danity Kane track, only Richard's voice was featured on the song, leaving speculation that it was a solo demo. July 2008, 2 new tracks were released onto the internet, one called "Rush Love" which featured Flo Rida, and another track called "Strobe Light". It is still unknown if this was part of a future solo endeavor.

During a MTV News break, it was stated that Richard is working on an untitled comic book. Richard's also stated in an interview that she will be releasing a soundtrack for the Danity Kane Comic Book, to be released in March 2009. Included will be the leaked track "Falls Away".

On January 27, 2009, Richard confirmed to MTV News in an interview that Danity Kane had completely split up. In that same interview, she stated that she still considered herself a member of Danity Kane (along with Aundrea Fimbres), and still had hopes that each girl would be willing to work as a group again.

On the April 16, 2009 episode of Making the Band, Combs revealed that he released O'Day and Woods, along with Bex, from their contracts, and would be releasing Fimbres as well. He told Richard that she will stay on the label and that if there are any future plans for a new Danity Kane, she will be the only returning member. However, on the April 23, 2009 finale of the series, Combs stated that all five original members would be returning if he ever decides to reunite the group.

Richard is currently working with Bad Boy Records, writing for artist Cassie and Combs himself. Richard is also working with another group called Dirty Money which includes Richard, Combs and a singer/songwriter named Kalenna. They will be on his album "Last Train To Paris".

On May 10, 2009, a copy of the song "Train Wreck" written by Richard and produced by Flex&Hated and Eric Price, which chronicles the formation and break up of Danity Kane, was leaked online and was featured on several music and news websites.

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