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David Barrett Trio was formed in early 2010, when David began composing music for an instrumental power trio. David Barrett Trio’s self titled debut album produced by Alex Lifeson, Alan Parsons and Richard Chycki, was released in 2013.

As a result from all the attention the album generated, the trio has received many stellar reviews online and in publications such as Prog Rock Magazine. David has been featured in such international magazines as Guitar Player, Premier Guitar, and Vintage Guitar. Also, David became an endorsing artist for D’Addario Canada, Planet Waves, Pigtronix Futuristic Audio Technology, and Mack Guitar Amps, who has recently designed a signature model called the Atomsmasher DB-40. David is also involved with the inventive Dagmar Custom Guitars, and plays a custom model made to his specifications. Alex Lifeson’s famous Gibson double neck guitar was on loan to David for a couple of years, and can be heard all over their debut album, the guitar now resides in The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

In May of 2012 David Barrett Trio was asked to participate in an all day Alan Parsons Master Class recording workshop at Noble Street Studios in Toronto, in which they were the band being engineered and produced by Alan Parsons himself. The result was Belmonte, which featured guest vocalist Paul Reid. In addition to hosting David’s yearly Ravenswood Guitar Summit, HotHouse Creative director Paul Reid is responsible for the trios photography, video, and design. In addition to that collaboration, in 2013 the trio appeared on Fascination, the latest album by highly acclaimed Canadian songwriter Jacob Moon. DB3 has also recorded a new tune with renown vocalist, Michael Sadler of Saga. The most recent collaboration has been with celtic guitar virtuoso Tony McManus, who appears on David Barrett Trio II, the session was produced by none other than Alex Lifeson.

Recently David Barrett Trio has shared the stage with such progressive rock icons as Saga, Carl Palmer of Emerson, Lake, And Palmer, and Adrian Belew of King Crimson. The trio’s latest releases are the CD, David Barrett Trio II, and live DVD, A Whisper To Thunder. The DVD was recorded live in Toronto, featuring a laser show courtesy of Rush lighting director Howard Ungerleider of Production Design International. David Barrett Trio hit the the road in the summer of 2015 in support of both releases, including dates with Marillion at the Théâtre L’Olympia Montréal, Quebec, The Aristocrats at The Mod Club in Toronto, Ontario, and The Canadian Guitar Festival in Kingston, Ontario.

David is currently working on David Barrett Trio III with Andy Narsingh (bass) and Dave Langguth (drums), with special guest vocalist Michael Sadler (Saga), and producer Terry Brown (Rush).

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