• My take on Spotify's Dave Matthews Band live series playlists.

    7. Sep. 2012, 0:01 von Agent0016

    Spotify recently posted playlists of Dave Matthews Band's albums where all the songs were officially released live tracks. Being the huge DMB fan that I am, I was intrigued by this news. However, when something like this is released it always leaves things open for debate. The following is my contribution to this debate, with quick notes on my picks song by song, album by album. I limited my picks to all officially released live recordings by Dave Matthews Band, including the Warehouse fan club releases, and tracks released on pre-order bonus discs released through DMB's website, since it appears Spotify has done the same. Also, some of the playlists are missing songs from the album due to the fact that there's no officially released live version of those songs.

    Remember Two Things

    Remember Two Things is a unique case for this series. Ants Marching, Tripping Billies, and Satellite appear on later albums, which I feel is a good opportunity to highlight some earlier versions of those songs on this collection.
  • Fly away, stay . . .

    28. Jul. 2007, 2:39 von catastrophile

    Everybody asks me how she's doing --
    Has she really lost her mind?
    I said, "I couldn't tell you,
    I've lost mine."

    Pay For What You Get