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Who is Dave Echo? In fact, the question is more how and why Mr Echo landed into our beautiful world? We have to come back no more than twelve years ago, in the basement of a small town in Germany called Oldenburg where the guitar became naturally Dave’s favorite instrument in which he found a unique way to express purely his thoughts, emotions and dreams. Like a proper teenager that would push to get into the adult unreachable world, Dave enlarged his musical culture by crossing and experimenting different subgenres but also instruments. Indeed, he played in several bands, from rock to rock but also the . But before everything, Dave is a very talented guitarist. He was playing in various gigs at this time, searching for himself in this infinite and complex music galaxy.

And finally in 2010, a very good friend of him put Dave for the first time in contact with the music by inviting him to the big Fusion Festival. Beginning of a long story but also the discovery of all this musicians working in loop, creating hypnotic and attractive music and making thousands of geezers dancing on repetitive ableton loops. Back from the Fusion, he starts buying all the relative equipments necessary to produce electronic music. He’ll then start learning and going through the infinite possibilities of the Ableton software, pushing all the buttons and trying to understand all the complexity of the electronic music production. Experimentation, creativity and instinct will guide Dave to this unique style that only him knows the secret, a genuine combination of guitar echo sonorities lost in the middle of the deep and groovy beats created specifically to support his favorite instrument sonorities.

Dave Echo was invented to perform in a beautiful and slow world, following his proper creativity and mixing the genres to blur the mind of his fans. Dave is one of these independent musicians that will never follow the music creation industry.

soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/daveecho
bandcamp: https://daveecho.bandcamp.com/

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