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From DJing underground electronic music at Europe’s infamous Electric Mondays @ KitKatKlub , to live hybrid performances for his residences at House of Yes and Club Oberon , Danny Satori is no stranger to the pursuit of refined artistic expression. His passion for merging musical craftsmanship with razor-edge technology has made him a featured artist on Karmic Power Records, Zweikopfhund, LTHM, SE4 and Teknofonic Recordings, with his ever-evolving sound making splashes all over the Globe.

As an electronic performance artist, Danny seeks to explore the digital depths of the underground sound, with an uplifting feel of tribal soulfulness & industrial-strength revolution. His multi-faceted blends of electronic styles have not only been ranked Top 5 in Mixcloud’s Electronica, House, Tech House & Techno charts, but have also been featured on broadcast channels including BFBS Radio Germany, Proton Radio, Deeper In Soul, Break London, Groove City Radio, The Audio Spectrum, FUSiON Radio Show, and SerenityFM.

Now based in Berlin, Germany, Danny continues to share his musical journey as a composer, DJ/producer and
performance artist, while advocating the transcendental power of music education for the EU and beyond.

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