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Franck Rivoire, known by his stage name Danger, is a French electronic musician.

Rivoire's musical history started at an early age, when his parents introduced him to the piano and saxophone. Growing up, he played in both jazz and punk bands, and other interests included skateboarding and metal music. Rivoire got his first synthesizer after seeing a friend use one and convincing his parents to buy one for him, too. His interest in electronic music was pursued further when he began using Amiga and Atari computers to make chiptunes, a hobby that he still practices.

Before he started using the name "Danger", Rivoire trained to be a graphic designer and worked as one professionally. When not working, he practiced digital music production. His track "11h30" was created during this time and contains his own vocals, but no lyrics; the vocals instead consist of mixed-up syllables.

In an effort to modernize the sound of his music, Rivoire created some new electro-influenced tracks and uploaded them onto MySpace under the name Danger. He chose the moniker because he had previously used it for online chat clients and believed he would get free advertising as "danger" is such a commonly used word. In 2007, he signed to the label Ekler'o'shock because he enjoyed the music of its other artists such as DatA. There have since been four Danger EP's released on Ekler'o'shock as well as a number of remixes released both officially and otherwise.

In 2013, the French music blog Stop the Noise published 70+ leaked demos ranging from 2005-2007 in an article titled in French: "LEVEL0: Discover the Danger demos from 2005 to 2007." Some of the tracks included the original version of 1:30 titled 15:59 as well as 13:40, an unreleased remix of the Masterboy song Feel the Heat of the Night. The blog immediately took the article down out of respect for Danger and the label Ekler'o'shock.

In June 2014, Danger unveiled a new side project, Sunset, playing live at Parisian nightclub, Nouveau Casino.

On June 3, 2016, 2016 Danger posted a link via Facebook to a Bandcamp page titled "6:24". The song was used for the video game Furi in which Danger contributed a total of five songs. The full OST was released on July 5, 2016.

On November 7, 2016, Danger announced his new album 太鼓 (taiko) for his 10-year anniversary. In an interview with Nest HQ, Danger mentions that "太鼓 is loaded with childhood feelings and many emotions that were almost absent from my past releases." The album is a hybrid of eastern and western music between 80's retro and more contemporary sounds.

In November 2016, Danger was featured as an opening act for Porter Robinson and Madeon's Shelter Live Tour.

On the 9th of May, Danger announced that his album 太鼓 (taiko) will be released on June 2.

On the 22nd of December 2018, Danger announced that his second album Origins will be released on 18th of January 2019.

Each Danger EP is named after a date following the first one, 09/14 2007 (September 14, 2007), which is the day he finished the EP. These EPs have not been released in chronological order; in fact, "EPII" has been promoted on his MySpace since the release of the first EP, but has yet to be released, and 09/16 2007 and 09/17 2007 are actually EPIII and EPIV, respectively. This strange chronology is a reference to that of the Star Wars film series.

Danger's tracks are named after the time of the day when the track was finished — "11h30" being the French representation for 11:30, for instance — except for the track "88:88", which is a reference to a digital clock that is not plugged in.

Another unique Danger characteristic is the black mask that he wears during nearly all of his public appearances. It is inspired by both the band Daft Punk and the Black Mage character from the video game series Final Fantasy. He claims to wear the mask in order to differentiate between his shy "geek" self and the persona he takes while performing.

Rivoire has also mentioned that his MySpace background strobed intensively as a reference to the Pokémon episode Electric Soldier Porygon and joked that he thought it would be funny if someone got an epileptic attack from it, saying, "especially if they have a fast PC it adds a bit of insult to the injury." Due to the 2013 Myspace re-design, the background no longer strobes.

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