• Minoza/Mystified's "Sun Drop Split" Out On Nostress Netlabel

    20. Mai. 2012, 13:12 von mystified13

    Dan Minoza and Mystified NetRelease


    "One of the best things about the electronic music scene today is the propensity of artists to collaborate and create fusions of styles that have never existed before. The thought of such diverse talents as Dan Miñoza and Thomas Park coming together to make music was enough to seriously pique my interest, and the results were beyond what I even imagined. This is world class ambient music, certainly with a nod or two to the masters of the genre, but with a sensibility and perspective all its own. Deep, majestic sound design combines with serie drones and what I can only describe as esoteric melodies, forming a moody yet beautiful sonic melange. As I listen I imagine a cauldron boiling over with strange vapors filling the space, spirits floating through the haze at the corner of of my eye a sense that another world is right around the corner if only I could stretch my vision a tiny bit further. …