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  • Geboren in

    Orlando, Orange County, Florida, Vereinigte Staaten

Born and raised in Florida, DJ Icey, (born Eddie Pappa) has been mesmerized by electronic music ever since hearing the synthesizer breakdown on The Edgar Winter Group’s "Frankenstein". "My mom had that album and I would play that middle part over and over wondering how they made that sound,” Icey recounts. “I was little and thought it was so cool".

Rising to worldwide prominence out of the fertile Orlando Florida electronic music scene which has spawned the likes of AK 1200,Kimball Collins, Jimmy Van M, Chris Fortier, and Baby Anne, Icey cut his teeth at the legendary EDGE nightclub in the mid-90s, and even persuaded The Chemical Brothers to play their first show Stateside there. When The Edge closed in 1996, DJ Icey hit the road… and has stayed on it since.

Icey runs two Indie labels dedicated to the Breaks he loves, the Main imprint Zone Records released it's first 12 Inch single in 1994, “Energy Tracks Volume 1” quickly followed by the hard to find “Encyclopedia Funktanica” both of these records gained a cult following worldwide as there was nothing quite like it at the time. Zone Records continues releasing more than a dozen records a year and his second label Tree Records follows very closely behind with slightly more eccentric productions. Discovered for the punters by BBC Radio 1 DJ and longtime A&R kingpin Pete Tong, Icey became the first American producer to sign to his U.S. ffrr label in 1997 as an artist thanks to Pete and U.S. Honcho Neil Harris, He was the first American DJ to be selected to record a prestigious "Essential Mix" for U.S. Release. With over 200 12” singles under his production belt and 5 cd releases, Icey has SoundScanned over 300,000 CD units in North America alone.

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