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Cosmos career started in the early 80s, when he became a popular resident DJ in famous Clubs of Southern Germany. In 1992 he started producing his own music. His first record "Graceland - My Best is Rock n’ Roll" was released in eight European countries and made it in Spain to the ultimate summer hit. That was just the beginning and Cosmo released one hit after another at different record labels (Sony Music, Sodom Music, Blue Flame, Deep Blue, Time Unlimited, Unsubmissive, Humanoid, Proton, Reef etc.). Some of the well known records of this time were "Cosmo - Nation of House, Hymn, Elements", "Frank Künne - L.O.V.E, Say yes say no" "CK - Boing". In October 1998 he started his collaboration with Unsubmissive Records, and the European wide successful project "Mythos 'n DJ Cosmo" was born. The first single "The Heart of the Ocean" with the main melody of the blockbuster "Titanic" entered the European charts. It peaked number two in France and made it into the Top 20 in Germany. Golden records in France, Belgium and Denmark continue to reflect the success of this record. The radio stations were playing the tune over and over and "The Heart of the Ocean" was sold over 400,000 times worldwide. DJ Cosmos hit single "Soul To Bare" featuring Joi Cardwell on vocals, got worldwide support on the play list of DJs and artists like Paul Van Dyk, Above & Beyond, Markus Schulz and Tiesto. On the leading UK-based trance and electronica label Anjunabeats (run by Above & Beyond) together with Shah, DJ Cosmo presented his new project "Purple Mood" with the upcoming single "One Night In Tokyo". In February 2007, “One Night in Tokyo” became record of the week for three weeks in a row and web voted winner on the “Trance Around The World with Above & Beyond” radio show. Recently "One Night in Tokyo" was number one on Beatport trance downloads and had managed to stay Top 5 for more than one month. It has achieved Top 5 on various downloading networks other than Beatport. Armin Van Buuren, Menno De Jong, Paul Van Dyk, Above and Beyond are among the major supporters. This has proven Cosmo to mark his return to the big sales in the world of trance. After his release on Anjunabeats DJ Cosmo & Shah came up with the project El Cortez and “Desert Rose” on Menno De Jongs label Intuition Records. In 2008 he accomplished the next level - Cosmo launched a large number of releases on different labels of which two record labels were his own: “Cygnus Recordings (Trance/Ambient/Chill-Out)” and “Deep Impact (Progressive House/Electro)”. He signed his Labels to M-Tunes who provided a distribution network of 43 downloading platforms worldwide. His “Cosmology EP Part 1” was to be the first output on Deep Impact Music which was of March 10, 2008. With this step Cosmo offered and continues to offer a huge variety of music genres and gives collaborations with other artists and newcomers a platform. On September 21, 2008 Cosmo released the single “Chinese Theatre” under the project “Purple Mood” together with DJ Shah. This compelling track is a favourite of Armin van Buuren and was played by him at the 2008 Olympics After show party in Beijing. Furthermore “Chinese Theatre” is the winner of numerous voting’s and polls including "Future Favourite" on Armin Van Buuren's global “A State Of Trance” radio show and “Battle Of The Tracks" in the Mellomania Show. Now starting off the 2009 year with: “I Love Chicago”, this single was inspired for the love of the city of Chicago. Ever since his first and very successful performance there he fell in love with the metropolitan city and the diversity of people and music. Producing the song “I Love Chicago” is crowning his love and passion for this wonderful city. After this Cosmo teamed up with Meighan Nealon for the single “Naked” on Lyon Echo Records NY-release date will be in August 2009. Another release date of DJ Cosmo featuring Ray Wilson the single “Show Me the Way” by Armada will be released in September of 2009 as well. Also Cosmo was ranked 25 on the world DJ List in 2009 . Listen to Cosmos radio show "Cosmology" worldwide live: all Monday 17.00-18.00 CET on danceradio.gr, all Saturday 18:00-19:00 on safariradio.gr,all Thursday 3:00 pm (GMT) on Pure.fm, all Sunday 5:00 pm (GMT3) on trance.cl / Chile, 2:00 pm (EST) Mexico, 6:00 pm Argentina, 8:00 pm (UTC,GMT) U.K, 9:00 pm (CET) Espana weekly on radio-dj.pl.


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